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I wanna live in a small house with a big yard
Maybe a fancy car just to get me around
And there I'll sit and play my old guitar all day
But not too loud; I'm barely making a sound

It's the little things that get me outta bed
Like rays of sun or a message unread
And I will do my best to ignore the emptiness
That comes in pairing Y with an X

I used to wonder when I would come to love again
Looks like it might be a while
And there are days I've tried to put the past behind
Start over again, find a reason to smile

I don't wanna be the same old thing
That my young mind has been trying to fight
'Cause it's a million to one these days
To find someone who really rubs you right

Well they say that life's a beach
And so I'll go where the tide should take me
Now aimlessly I float
Even though I've been lonely lately
So I keep my fingers crossed
And explore all the isles around me
But I do so at a cost
'Cause whenever I'd get lost
You found me
I think I'll drop my anchor down
And just listen to the siren sounding
I guess I'll spend my life at sea
So long as the rhythm in me
Is pounding


from Nomad Domain, released December 21, 2013




Mista Glista Streamwood, Illinois

The complete solo recordings of Chicago songwriter Matt Glista.

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